The eConvene Paperless Advantage.

It’s 30 minutes before the meeting. An urgent change drives the need for seven pages to be replaced, renumbered and collated on all of the board's packets. No problem, because eConvene helped you create a seamlessly linked packet with board agenda, supporting content and appendices that can be updated without having to resend the packet to the board, so changes are fast, easy, and accurate.

  1. Get help exactly where board leaders need help the most. 

    With eConvene, creating and changing meeting packets and agendas is simple, easy, and fast. So board leaders can focus on the important things.

  2. Use a tool that is as hardworking as it is easy to use.

    Managing the priorities of board business is no easy lift. eConvene streamlines production and communication so that you can spend time driving results.

  3. Find savings where you least expect it. 

    Successful meetings are what eConvene is all about. So, your board will appreciate all of the labor-saving, cost-reducing, and excellence-enhancing benefits that eConvene delivers.

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"eConvene paperless board meetings has made life easier - not only for staff who prepare the agenda, but for our board and stakeholders who view the finished product. Agendas and back up documents are prepared with ease in less than half the time spent preparing printed agendas...and nearly five times less the cost! At a time when resources for school districts are stark, eConvene helped us find a way to save money while providing an outstanding product coupled with outstanding service. Thank you, eConvene, your paperless board meetings services make us look good!"

Jodi Runyon
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, Marysville School District

"Going paperless was an easy choice for us for so many reasons – time savings, cost savings, reduction of paper waste, ease of agenda modifications, but the unexpected benefit was the positive reaction from staff and our public who have access to so much more information. In this day and age of government transparency and accountability, using eConvene's paperless meeting products made us look good in the eyes of our public."


Diane Laubsch
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, North Marion School District